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Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM)

What can you do to limit computer problems in the future?   Or What can I do before Tech Support arrives to save time and money? Or What can I do to limit my exposure to the common security threats and

Ninite for software updates

Installing updates every few weeks is an essential element of any Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM) program for a PC. is a safe source for software.  It is also by far the easiest way we have ever run across to

Anti-virus and Anti-Malware, Friend or Foe?

Some of the most common client questions we get are about about anti-virus  programs, viruses and malware etc.  Variations include: a.  What Anti-virus program do you recommend and why? b.  Do I still have an active anti-virus program? c.  How come I

Hardware Values & gift ideas we have vetted

People constantly ask me for product recommendations.  These are often centering around technology or business products but the topics vary widely. People are frustrated by the complexity of technical shopping which often leads to wasting time and money.  It seams that

Backups – Implementing the 3221 strategy in your home or small business

For small businesses, home offices (SOHO) and even families with photos good backups are essential.  Every harddrive including your backup drive will eventually fail.  Add to that fires, natural disasters, theft and viruses.  Everybody that computes has potential loss of

Collaborate or sync files with a free personal Dropbox account

If you work with other people or on multiple devices you should have a common space to share files that syncs to multiple device.  This way you always have the current way copy of the files.  Dropbox is also popular because

Remote Assistance Requests

Remote support to your desktop or laptop: Have you ever wanted somebody else more experienced to remote in and help you with your computer while you just watch?   Remote support allows somebody to drive the computer screen, look at the

Email Best Practice for Employee Separations: 

Block the employee from accessing company email on the server but allow the supervisor to respond to their emails.  Change their email password on the server. Create an email forward from the old employee account to their supervisor.  Add an

Sync Outlook or Apple Calendars and Contacts

Many of us access our email contacts and calendar from multiple devices and want to keep all that data in sync so that we are not having to duplicate all our time and efforts maintaining email on every device.  For

Email client configuration Links

Setup GoDaddy Email – YouTube Using Apple Mail with Your Email | Go Daddy Help Android  Setting up Email | Go Daddy Help Outlook  2010: Setting up Email | Go Daddy Help  manual settings  Imap port 993 SSL  SMTP port 465 SSL for XP exit Outlook (dbl check task manager).  Open

BR Ryall Comcast

The  BR YMCA ACCOUNT #  ##### ## ### ### ####  ( ask your supervisor, the Accounting office, the CFO or COO for the account information or call your Trusted CTO @ 630-445-1586.  Your plan interent plan is 16mbps download and

Ryall Email/ Outlook Self help

Outlook Issues for BR Ryall Staff If you need a new email address write  We have a linited number of email addresses.  So Monica should also log support entry for staff whoes email need to be closed down. Welcome new

Ryall Help Desk

Trusted CTO  has provided Technical Support to the B.R. Ryall YMCA as Endorfan Consulting for several years. Online Support: Search TrustedCTO in the category: YMCA See specific custom BR Ryall Email/ Outlook technical Self Help support documents here. ThinSoft Support BR Ryall uses