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People constantly ask me for product recommendations.  These are often centering around technology or business products but the topics vary widely.
People are frustrated by the complexity of technical shopping which often leads to wasting time and money.  It seams that I have gained a reputation as an informed and careful shopper.  For most of the items listed I  have personally purchased or tested them.  In addition I read numerous comparable reviews and product specs.   Prices change daily but for most these represent outstanding values in both price and quality.  I do not have a vested interest in any of these products.
I have categorized Trusted CTO’s Amazon Wish Lists into related groups.  Here you will find the largest group of items including:

Auto      AV          Barcode Scanners            Bluetooth            Cell Accessories                Cheapest value PC          Dual Monitor PCs         Expandable Desktops    Gifts      GPS logger          hard drives         HD Projectors    Health monitor                LED/CREE/Bicycling          Miracast AV        Network              Optiplex Win 7 64 pro budget     PA DJ or Karoke        Play-Fi (wifi audio)           PoE (power over Ethernet)         Printers                RAID 1 compatible Desktops                Raid 1 Desktops                                Rudi       Smart Home Network    Smart TV’s           Speaker wire     Stereo                  tablets Laptops   Windows 10 Computers           

Also if you are a friends or clients whom ask for specific items I’ll probably name you a public wish lists here as well

Below are some other links that might be helpful:
Note: You can often buy these items directly online with no sales tax and minimal if any shipping.
   Costco Bluetooth   NoMoRobo robo call call blocker (free)      Phone Power a high value VOIP (voice over internet protocol) service                                   

Computer Devices:

When considering a new computer make sure the format and size of the computer is the best fit for your needs.   So start learning an overview by reading my article:  New Computer or Tablet.  Remember to budget for any software you will be buying and any tech support you need to port your data and configure the computer.  When it comes to lowest cost of ownership (total investment / hours of use – cost of your wasted time) There are several reliable Dell Optiplex desktop computers on the market.   below are the values I have found in  different computer related categories.  So if you know computers then go directly to Trusted CTO’s Amazon Wish Lists including:  

Cheapest value PC          Dual Monitor PCs         Expandable Desktops       hard drives            Network              Optiplex Win 7 64 pro budget       Printers                RAID 1 compatible Desktops                Raid 1 Desktops             tablets Laptops   Windows 10 Computers     

Desktop values by Category


Dual Monitor Desktops Some computer features make the computer faster.  Dual monitors make you faster.  These computers normally do not come with monitors but have connections for multiple monitors.  Prices very widely.

Raid 1 Desktops Raid 1 means that all data and programs are mirrored redundantly on 2 internal hard drives. Part of the price is the extra hard drive and the raid controller.  Raid 1  can results in less down time an more reliable data storage.  Just be warned that Raid is great but not a real substitute for full 3221 backups.

Optiplex Win 7 64 pro budget Desktops  These are the most popular business desktops that you are likely to see in larger businesses.  They offer excellent service have earned a reputation for reliability but supply and demand have rendered them at an excellent value.  see my post New Computer or Tablet

Cheapest desktops, economy desktops run windows 7 reliable for $60-250


Finally before you buy, check the seller’s rating and their customer’s comments.  New vendors are often old bad vendors who had to change their name.  When possible choose sellers (vendors) with the best rating and the most reviews. 5 stars with 20 review is not nearly as impressive as 4.5 stars over 4529 reviews

Some computes are chosen to match special needs you experience  have special lists for those needs.  If you need a desktop with lots of room for RAM or multiple hard drives the consider:   Larger Computers 


Tablets & Laptops

Misc:    Barcode Scanners  bedding   Cooper   
Below are some quick links to some more values.   Prices range from $7  to $200 desktop computers.  Each item is selected as an outstanding value and popular item yet often hard to find in stores.

$ 8 GSI Outdoors 10 fl Oz Flask Amazon

$  9 Polar Insulated 24 oz Water Bottle Amazon ( we fight over a few of these but now can each have our own color)


$45 After $25 OFF & Free Shipping$70 BEM Mojo II Bluetooth Speaker 2-Pack    

$65 After $15 OFF   House of Marley Chant Sport Bluetooth Speaker $80

$ 80 Paper Shredder Costco on sale for $80 in the stores

$100-$1200   Tablet Computers from Costco

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