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Updating Obsolete Keyboard Actuators!

Dear Rotarians: As an IT guy who also volunteers to help average people interface with Technology I have learned that it is easy for people to miss some fundamentals of thriving in a world where Technology was supposed to help

Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM)

What can you do to limit computer problems in the future?   Or What can I do before Tech Support arrives to save time and money? Or What can I do to limit my exposure to the common security threats and

Ninite for software updates

Installing updates every few weeks is an essential element of any Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM) program for a PC. is a safe source for software.  It is also by far the easiest way we have ever run across to

Anti-virus and Anti-Malware, Friend or Foe?

Some of the most common client questions we get are about about anti-virus  programs, viruses and malware etc.  Variations include: a.  What Anti-virus program do you recommend and why? b.  Do I still have an active anti-virus program? c.  How come I

Cyber Security

Cyber security is basically protecting digital property and information from theft, loss or destruction.  There have been stories of major breaches every month. While breaches of larger companies make the news private homes and smaller companies are also at risk. 

Mail Merge for letters or emails

If you are using Outlook to send a similar email template to a few different people then the simplest way to do that is to just make your template in an additional extra long Outlook Signature (see Office Support instructions

Stopping WannaCrypt

Update 6/27/2017 The  petya ransomware virus form today spreads similarly to the WannaCrypt virus from May 2017.  So if you properly completed all the Microsoft updates since April then you should be good.  Either way this is a timely reminder to

Pool Water Chemistry balancing

Recently saw several question posted on line about alkalinity vs pH.  Are they the same? If different how do you control each? We often use terms which are too similar so they result in confusion. Alkaline is different and measured differently  than Total Alkalinity.  They

Chrome slow to access gmail

Recently I found several computers were slow to access GMail.  Rumor has it that the problem is related to a Microsoft issue with IP version 6.  Fact is that I was able to repair this problem by disabling ip version

FAQ & Popular Operating Systems

Everybody Asks: Which Operating System is better? My answer is the one you are used to.  Learning new will take more time than the time you will save.  Just properly maintain what you have and occasionally upgrade.  Save yourself some stress.

Standard Software

The internet is filled with software that promises improvements to your computing. Many good software programs are available for our computer but there are many more that are not. Beyond that an IT support “Best Practice” is to limit the software

Outlook sending Duplicates through GoDaddy IMAP accounts

Symptoms:         Outgoing Outlook 2007 sent through some IMAP servers get stuck in your local Outbox despite the fact that the email has actually gone out repeatedly.  This will continue until your Outbox is empty or you fully exit Outlook.  Restarting


this is the story:   Food & Bev and or Gift $30 food and bev only $10 Gift(s) Names of Guests    

print from your iPad

Here is how to print from an ipad to various printers. About AirPrint – Apple Support     Setting Up AirPrint on your iPad – YouTube      How to Enable AirPrint in Windows 7 – YouTube What if it is not an AirPrint printer?   Look in app store for

Ryall Self Help

If you are having issues you cannot resolve yourself then complete the form and email   If the need is more urgent than 5 business days then also call or text 630-445-1586 Routine Maintenance: All  computers including Apple, Windows PC and Linux

Why is your computer slow?

If a windows vista or 7 or Mac OS 10.4 or new computer boots but it is slow it can probably be sped up. Windows XP computers compatible with 2GB ram or more that power on are also possibly worth