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Warrantee of Services: Because we value earning your trust, Trusted CTO stands behind our work and bills on a basis of “completed values.” If you are billed for a service that is ineffective we will re do the work for free or refund you for the related services (at our option). As Trusted CTO does not bill for manufacturing hardware and software we can not promise to “buy back” hardware or software we purchased on your behalf. Whenever practical, Trusted CTO will cooperate to enable you to follow through with your retailer or manufacturer for any applicable warrantees.
To keep our intentions pure Trusted CTO techs make no money selling or resell hardware or software. We feel this would create a conflict if interests. Tech who are on commission have a needless pressure to recommend personally profitable solutions. On the other hand we are willing to assist with technology purchases on a time and an expense reimbursement basis only.

Our philosophy is to build trust daily by offering value everyday to every client we encounter. We are proud of our client’s integrity and that makes solving their problems satisfying. Because or attitude towards service is uncommon we must be …

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Trusted CTO  has provided Technical Support to the B.R. Ryall YMCA as Endorfan Consulting for several years. Online Support: Search TrustedCTO in the category: YMCA See specific custom BR Ryall Email/ Outlook technical Self Help support documents here. ThinSoft Support BR Ryall uses …

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