Why is your computer slow?

If a windows vista or 7 or Mac OS 10.4 or new computer boots but it is slow it can probably be sped up. Windows XP computers compatible with 2GB ram or more that power on are also possibly worth repairing.   Cleaning up the computer or reloading it can make the computer as fast as new.

If a Microsoft Operating system  PC is slow it is often due to repairable Mal-ware issues.  An apple computer slows is is most like disk errors or early drive failure signs.


Tech will need an admin login password (if indicated) and may also need current mouse and Keyboard.  For a laptop comuter do not forget the power cord.   Desktops all use the same standard power cord so do not worry about that.

Check pc specs and space:  RAM Processor, cpu, drive space available etc % tasks etc
If free space is an issue then:

1. Run ccleaner to delete temp files.

2. Add and remove programs.  remove programs not needed. (PC decrapifier or ccleaner are faster software un-installers)

3. Find a System Diagnostic disk for that computer model.  (from Dell etc).

4. check disk and check memory condition (may require special boot cd)<

Procedures 4 and 5 below are not for the novice.  Experienced techs only.

4. If Vista clear casche by making VistaCashe.bat on desktop and then run as administrator:

CD \
CD %Windir%
CD SoftwareDistribution
DEL / F / S / Q Download

5. If disk is still full use folder Size to find and delete unnecessary temp installations files in adobe etc.

6. If specs and space check out then follow virus removal procedures. See also:


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