FAQ & Popular Operating Systems

Everybody Asks: Which Operating System is better?

My answer is the one you are used to.  Learning new will take more time than the time you will save.  Just properly maintain what you have and occasionally upgrade.  Save yourself some stress.  They all do basically the same things in similar ways or they can’t compete.

How do I avoid a computer down time? Maintenance, 3221 Backups, Reasonably priced redundant systems standing by.

Here are some short answers based on stats:

What Operating system is most popular?   Windows 7*

Can I still buy windows 7 computers?  Yes.  most likely they are refurbished

Which home computer operating systems stayed around the  longest?  Windows NT  (20 years and running)*.

Which devices last the longest?  Desktops

Which Brand/Models last the longest?  Dell Optiplex.  Client’s have 18 year old dell Optiplex Desktops still running.

Where can I buy Dell Optiplex?  See my Amazon wish lists

Where should I shop for Laptops or tablets?  Costco

Which operating system has the fast growing market share?  Android

Which popular brand cost the most?   Apple.  It is a “Luxury Brand”

Which computer needs no maintenance?  None. they all slow down and fail without routine maintenance.

Which OS is the most flexible? Windows XP

Which operating systems gets the least viruses?  If you have updates and a secure password then:  iOS, Linix, Android, OSX

What is the best security tool every developed?  A secure administrator password and a secure user password.

What is the easiest way to loose your data?  Don’t back up and have a computer issue with a forgotten secure password or otherwise screw up your data encryption.

Which windows operating system is the most secure.  The newest, (Windows 10 with all updates).

Where is the safest place to get free PC software?  Ninite

Where do I get safe software for other devices?  App Store, Google Play.  Opening up places are hit and miss.


Then there are benchmark tests.  These change daily See links below

Which are the fastest mobile devices?

Which processors are the fastest.

What is the best computer for me?

Where do I find reviews?  Amazon, Google “Benchmark tests for _____”.

Lets reference the most Current Market share by Operating System Stats

for February 2016 % based on  web searches on a DESKTOP/LAPTOP Operating system

52.34%    Windows 7               (2009)
12.82%    Windows 10             (2015)
11.24%     Windows XP           (2001)
9.83%     Windows 8.1            (2013)
3.72%     Mac OS X 10.11        (2015)
2.43%     Windows 8               (2012)
2.20%      Mac OS X 10.10      (2014
1.78%       Linux
1.66%      Windows Vista        (2007)
0.87%     Mac OS X 10.9         (2013)
0.34%     Mac OS X 10.6         (2008)
0.28%     Mac OS X 10.8         (2012)
0.28%     Mac OS X 10.7         (2011)
0.12%      Windows NT            (1996)
0.05%     Mac OS X 10.5         (2010)
0.02%     Mac OS X 10.4         (2005)
0.01%     Windows 2000        (2000)
0.01%     Windows 98             (1998)

February, 2016 Browsing By DEVICE TYPE:

Desktop 73.34%     Mobile/tablet 25.90%

Browsing by Mobile/tablet Operating systems
59.17%     Android OS
32.62%     iOS
2.72%      Windows Phone
2.26%      Java ME
1.66%      Symbian
1.46%      BlackBerry BlackBerry
0.07%     Samsung OS
0.02%     Kindle OS





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