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Dear Rotarians:

As an IT guy who also volunteers to help average people interface with Technology I have learned that it is easy for people to miss some fundamentals of thriving in a world where Technology was supposed to help us. As Technology is so rapidly improving there can be a learning gap that rushes you into some common time wasters, pitfalls and even scams. I hope that some of these ideas will put you on a happier and more peaceful tract of technology symbiosis.

Below is a rough lists of some stories and concepts for my rough draft. This article is coming soon

As a 5 year old in Wheaton IL it was decided that I needed to join my siblings on swim team. This is where I 1st experienced what Drowning felt like. I was 3 1/2 feet fall and suddenly in 12 feet of water. The feeling of drowning was a daily experience. However once I learned some basics like floating, treading water, body position and breathing I was eventually able to make a career out of Swimming instruction and Aquatics management. Transitions like that help me relate to the panic in your eyes when google or a friends email present you with some uncomfortable choices.

By age 15 i was very very good at butterfly and breast stroke, A lifeguard and a swim instructor. I saw that the best swimmers could rarely teach beginners. You see if you get too concerned with high level techniques you forget the basics don’t realize that a beginner student person can’t think about dolphin kick undulation when they are too desperate for AIR or the student is not flat enough on the surface to move forward. So lets now talk about cyber security with people who have never learned to identify a 2nd level domain or why that is even important.

Will tech give you a life of leisure?

Remote in or face to face support
Scripted vs expert

Will tech give you a life of leisure?
Will tech replace you?  

Your obsolescence.  Keep ahead of scams technically
Maximize your soft skills

Rich Cullen quote: In theory‚Ķ.  in practice
The beatings will continue until morale improves

Google calendars
Technically Email is often a complete waste of time.
Sunrise Website collaboration
Page editing
Internal historical log of practices and big pictures
District 6450

Lawn mowing
Swim instruction
Management experience

Management classes
Waterpark management
Computer support
Author Andersen Accenture

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