Outlook sending Duplicates through GoDaddy IMAP accounts

Symptoms:         Outgoing Outlook 2007 sent through some IMAP servers get stuck in your local Outbox despite the fact that the email has actually gone out repeatedly.  This will continue until your Outbox is empty or you fully exit Outlook.  Restarting Outlook alone does not fix the problem.

Temp work a round:

  1. Drag email item from local Outbox to sent Items or Drafts.  If it is stuck you may have to disconnect your internet connection long enough to move the email.
  2. Exit Outlook.  Make sure Outlook is not listed in your Task Manager (right click task Bar, Task Manager, Processes Tab, Outlook.exe,  end process)
  3. Instead of outlook use your phone or perhaps webmail at http://email.secureserver.net

GoDaddy is working on a permanent solution but has no eta for resolution as of noon central time 6/24/24


More Permanent work around:  GoDaddy suggested this but we tried it in the lab and found it ineffective at resolving the problem.  Do not attempt this work around

Create a new outlook profile and and disable your old one.  You will need to know your email password.  It is a good idea to back up your address Auto-complete file.

                You could lose:                  Any auto complete addresses your Outlook suggests when you start typing email addresses, 

Your list of blocked senders

                To Add a new profile:   Start, Control Panel, Mail, Show Profiles, Add. Profile name:  14JuneOutlook

                Make sure to set the new profile as:  “Always use this profile”

                To Set up Outlook 2007 Email for GoDaddy see   https://trustedcto.com/brryall-self-help/

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