Ninite for software updates

Installing updates every few weeks is an essential element of any Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM) program for a PC. is a safe source for software.  It is also by far the easiest way we have ever run across to install standard free standard software.  For most of our basic skill level clients we recommend that they only install software or update their software with  

Below is a list of software we normailly select for users based on tier needs. the % is an estimate of how our users who actually use each choice.

Web Browsers
    Chrome 100%
    Firefox 100%

   iTunes 10%
   VLC 100%
   K-Lite Codecs 20%
   Spotify 10%
  HandBrake 5%

Helps some websites work

   Java normally no longer necessary
   .NET 4.7 5%
   Silverlight 40%
   Shockwave 40%


   Foxit Reader 10% opens pdf files
   LibreOffice 80%       a free MS office or belt and suspenders incase your MS office has an issue.
   CutePDF 100%     make PDF files for free

   MS Security Essentials
   Malwarebytes 100%
   Spybot 100%
   SUPERAntiSpyware 100%

   Glary System Utilities 100%

Online Storage
   Dropbox 20%
   Google Backup and Sync 80%   sync data to other devices.  back your photos to the cloud.
   OneDrive 10%
   Evernote 10%


Once you have downloaded the installer then double click on it to run it.  Later also save the file some where like your desktop’s Mnthly Maintenence Folder to re-run every time you want to update your software.  Here is a YouTube video that explains Ninite.  I suggest that you skip over the 1st 1 min and 39 sec.

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