How do I control my home stereo volume from my Smartphone?

Trusted CTO:   How do I control my home stereo volume from my iPhone?  Tom

Tom: In addition to several Bluetooth enabled stereos there are several wifi controls for home media devices.  Her are some examples;

iOS and Android Home Theater Remote Control Apps…/iphone-hometheaterremotecontrol-…

Did you know that you can use your Android or iPhone, and even your table device as remote control for your home theater components? Check out a sampling …

Turn Your Smartphone Into a Home Theater Remote Control…/turn_your_smartphone_into_your_home

Mar 14, 2010 – Here’s how to use a smartphone to replace your collection ofremote controls for your home theater.

This DIY Wireless Receiver Controls Virtually Any Stereo…/this-diy-wireless-receiver-controls-… Lifehacker   by Alan Henry – in 29,855 Google+ circles

Sep 6, 2012 – Whether you’re still rocking an old bookshelf stereo system or a newer model with a receiver … What’s the Best Home Printer? … uses an IRremote control into a speaker you can control with your smartphone, all without doing …

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