20/20 hindsight

Our philosophy is to build trust daily by offering value everyday to every client we encounter. We are proud of our client’s integrity and that makes solving their problems satisfying. Because or attitude towards service is uncommon we must be a little selective in who we work for. For this reason you will probably hear about us word of mouth before you notice our marketing. How we show value is simple. With our experience we evaluate client processes and train or configure for optimal speed and stability. Compared to other support options you we find us to be completely “off script” always doing a little more for our clients. That said we rarely bill for items not specifically requested. When client compare our bills they are normally surprised at the low cost and high values.   To be fair in our billings we may not bill for some routine maintenance tasks completed in “spare time” during tech call.   20/20 Hindsight Billing:  Each bill in internally evaluated to insure delivered values are greater than any other options the client may have had solve a problem. Hindsight is 20/20 so as professionals we prove our belief in ourselves by applying 20/20 hindsight to our bills.  We know that nobody else does this.  Perhaps, it is because they do not have our work ethic or our clients.