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Some people say they want to be taught basic compute skills but I am not sure that those are easy to learn on the fly in a short time or in a class at a pace for somebody. You’ll  need a lesson with some though in how to share concepts but mixed to independently practice some concept until your get the concepts behind the specific hands on procedures.  

If you try to write a procedure for everything you do that will be over whelming. Instead try to fill your knowledge toolbox with basic concepts and then apply those concepts to solve hundreds of problems.

10 Basic computer productivity concepts

  1. What is a computer hardware and how does it turn on and interconnect.
  2. How to store files and how to organize them in drives, folders and sub folders so you can find them.
  3. What are the most basic common software programs.  How do software menus work?
  4. How to use a browser on the internet and basic rules for safer internet browsing.
  5.  Social media basics
  6. Using cloud based tool to save time money and frustration
  7. Basic computer hardware and software maintenance and choosing your suppliers and support partners
  8. Backing up data and affordably redundancy for essential tasks and systems
  9. Safe resources for finding answers when you get stuck on more advanced problems.
  10. Applying the same concepts to your phones and tablets.

The right experience requires, some sort plan, some visuals, and to be at your own computer so you can pause and try it out.  So learning online is a great place to start or continue your journey.  

I also suggest learning by immersion.  That means that you might listen to a couple videos that might have topics beneath you and also some topics over your head.  Blast though them anyway.   Along the way make notes of your questions.  You may find the answers if you keep watching.  Or you can see if you can find the answer later on YouTube.

Here, are some videos I found on basic computing:

Manage Files and folders in Windows 7. 
Managing Drives, Directories, Sub Directories and Files are a basic set of skill needed to use a windows computer.  This skill is very important because without it you can not Store, back up or locate or share data with your computer. In short without managing files you can not be creative, produce or communicate with your computer. 
The links below are not formatted very well.  I will try to come back later and clean them up.  In the meantime try to watch one and them click on another one.  Or once you are in a YouTube topic like this you can find  videos on similar topics.  Try several and look for one that seams to be teaching to your level of understanding.  This file management skill is important.  It it is difficult for you then consider taking a basic computing class at the local senior center, Community College or with online videos on YouTube or Lydia  
Possibly a good place to start is with one of these 3 videos.  Maybe watch them all and choose an instructor that seams to speak your language.  Then watch more of that instructors videos.  If you like none of these then watch the right margin of YouTube to look for topics that seam more helpful to you.
If you also want to learn about the basic computer hardware components see: Basic Computer Training – Your Computer A Basic Training Lesson
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      Windows 7 File Management and Organization – Part 1 of 2

      • 4 years ago
      A tutorial made especially for middle school students with little to no experience managing or organizing files using Windows 7.
    1. 28:20

      How to Organize Computer Files and Folders in Windows 7

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      Download the icons pack here: Learn the best way to organize filesfolders and …
    2. 32:09

      Manage Folders and Files (Chapter 5)

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      Windows 7 Working with files and file folders

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      Basic instructions for working with files and folders in Windows 7.
    4. 9:03

      How to Work With Files and Folders | Windows 7 Tutorial

      • 5 years ago
      In this video Windows 7 Tutorial, you will learn how to manage your files and folders in Windows 7. You will get complete …
      • CC
    5. 4:06

      Windows 7 Basic File Management

      • 2 years ago
      A basic overview of how Windows 7 manages storage for various file types.
    6. 5:09

      The Easy Guide to Windows File Management (Part 1)

      • 7 years ago
      Learn how to easily manage files and folders using time-saving techniques for Windows. Send your training ideas to …
      • CC
    7. 5:59

      Search and find a file or folder in Windows 7.avi

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      Windows 7 provides several ways to find files and folders. In this Geek Tip, I show you a couple of ways and a few options to do …
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      Explaining computer files, folders, and directories | tutorial

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      This computer basics tutorial explains how filesfolders, and directories work. Watch more at …
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      Learn Windows 7 – Moving Files and Folders

      • 4 years ago
      WEBSITE: Beginners Guide to Windows 7 – Moving Files and Folders.


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