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Status of your email is updated in my Evernote posted here

Hello from Jim Ensign, Ketra, Barb Brauer, Stefan and the rest of Turning Pointe’s Tech Support team.

You should already be aware Turning Pointe is taking advantage of the semester break to make some changes/improvements in our email hosting.  As we are changing email hosts from MyGuy to Google, there are many steps in the process.  These steps are scheduled to cause loss of access to email for many staff during some period August 3 – 5th.

What can you expect.

1. You will experience loss of access to your email for some period on Aug 3-5th.
2. New Email will start coming to the Gmail Server on August 5th.  Please save this link and check back any additional tips or updates that might help.
3.  Once email is migrated from the old “myguy” server to the “Google Apps” email you will need new settings for your phone and computer email client programs to access your email.  See below.
4. Most all of  old email for foundation administrative staff will be available on the new server.  Some of your Email from August 3- 5th might just stay up on the old server until you open Outlook or Apple Mail and manually drag it to the new server.
5. Most staff will get a new temporary password to access your email.  You will be required to use a browser to update your temporary at gmail.com before your phone, Outlook, apple mail will work.  (However, for a few Foundation Admin staff we will set up their new passwords for them).
What you need to do:
All current email addresses have been created on the GoogleApps mail server.   So…
A. please login at www.gmail.com to reset your password and access your email.  see “temp” above by “status”   You can manage all your Turning Point Email and Google Apps from inside a Google Chrome.  This is easy as it was all designed for this.  If that is how you want to do this then you are done unless you want to Use IMAP with mobile devices – Google Apps. 
However if you want to use Outlook then there are many more steps below:  
B. Then while in your account in your browser you will also need to Enable IMAP.    In the upper right corner Click the little gray Gear, then choose Settings in the menu.
          Next find Forwarding and POP/IMAP    Choose: Enable IMAP and finally Save Changes  This video should help.  Google Apps to Outlook 2010 Setup – YouTube
While in setting up your computer it is a good idea to keep your old email settings for the old MyGuy Server for the next week or 2.  For now just add an additional email account.  Only when you are sure that the new server has everything you need, Email, folders, Contacts, Calendar etc. should you remove the old MyGuy Hosting settings.
New Turning Pointe Gmail server settings:
        • \Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server – Requires SSL
          • imap.gmail.com
          • Port: 993
          • Requires SSL:Yes
        • Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server – Requires TLS
          • smtp.gmail.com
          • Port: 465 or 587
          • Requires SSL: Yes
          • Requires authentication: Yes
          • Use same settings as incoming mail server
        • Full Name or Display Name: [your name]
        • Account Name or User Name: your full email address (username@turningpointeaf.org).
        • Email address: your full  username@turningpointeaf.org
        • Password: your Gmail password
        • Also, if you’re having trouble sending mail but you’ve confirmed that encryption is active for SMTP in your mail client, try to configure your SMTP server on a different port: 465 or 587.

D. Migrate mail from other Google accounts mail servers like My Guy hosting 

If you have Outlook set up for the old My Guy Server and the new Google mail server you can simply copy or move mail from a folder on one account to a simular folder on your new Google Apps mail server.
Or you migrate your data from your old Google account or an IMAP server, using one of the following tools:
  1. Google Apps Migration for Microsoft® Exchange (GAMME)

  2. GAMME is a utility that migrates your mail, including labels and archived mail, to your Google Apps account. GAMME can also migrate other data, but requires you to install the tool first. For details on how to migrate data using GAMME, see Migrate data from Exchange using GAMME.    Check the GAMME prerequisites before you begin.
  3. Third party tools     You can also check out the Google Apps Marketplace to review migration solutions provided by third parties.   DATA migration service

Finally, if you have a problem these people might help.   Stefan, Ketra, Kathleen, Barb or Myself.
     Jim Ensign  –   Chief Technology Officer
    TRUSTED CTO  –  Technical  Support with Insight
    630-445-1586   Jim@TrustedCTO.com  
        (TrustedCTO is an Endorfan Company)    

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