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New Computer or Tablet

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Ninite for software updates

Installing updates every few weeks is an essential element of any Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM) program for a PC. is a safe source for software.  It is also by far the easiest way we have ever run across to

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Stopping WannaCrypt

Update 6/27/2017 The  petya ransomware virus form today spreads similarly to the WannaCrypt virus from May 2017.  So if you properly completed all the Microsoft updates since April then you should be good.  Either way this is a timely reminder to

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Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM)

What can you do to limit computer problems in the future?   or What can I do before Tech Support arrives to save time and money? If you login with Administrative powers on your PC then the answer is Routine Preventative

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What is Cybersecurity   Cybersecurity:  The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. “Some people have argued that the threat to cybersecurity has been somewhat inflated” Some

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VOIP phone service & stopping those Robo calls

You can eliminate all unwanted calls with call blockers like NoMoRobo and you will save money and improve service options with the right VoIP phone service like PhonePower. What is VoIP: VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol and is the modern way to get

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Windows 10 is a hobby decision

may 18, 2016 update: Thousands of  people have had problems after their computer upgraded to windows 10.  Microsoft leads you to believe your computer is compatible with windows 10 but what they are saying is that because your computer meets some

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Backups – Implementing the 3221 strategy in your home or small business

For small businesses, home offices (SOHO) and even families with photos good backups are essential.  Every harddrive including your backup drive will eventually fail.  Add to that fires, natural disasters, theft and viruses.  Everybody that computes has potential loss of

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Collaborate or sync files with a free personal Dropbox account

If you work with other people or on multiple devices you should have a common space to share files that syncs to multiple device.  This way you always have the current way copy of the files.  Dropbox is also popular because

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Remote Assistance Requests

Remote support to your desktop or laptop: Have you ever wanted somebody else more experienced to remote in and help you with your computer while you just watch?   Remote support allows somebody to drive the computer screen, look at the

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Standard Software

The internet is filled with software that promises improvements to your computing. Many good software programs are available for our computer but there are many more that are not. Beyond that an IT support “Best Practice” is to limit the software

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Email Best Practice for Employee Separations: 

Block the employee from accessing company email on the server but allow the supervisor to respond to their emails.  Change their email password on the server. Create an email forward from the old employee account to their supervisor.  Add an

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Anti-virus and Anti-Malware, Friend or Foe?

Some of the most common client questions we get are about about anti-virus  programs, viruses and malware etc.  Variations include: a.  What Anti-virus program do you recommend and why? b.  Do I still have an active anti-virus program? c.  How come I

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Shared Google Calendars

Why share calendars? The biggest question for shared calendars is:  Why share a calendar electronically?  Isn’t that just a pain?  Maybe you are used to “keeping it simple” and just send out some emails or a paper calendar. Flawless approach right?  Actually in

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Sync Outlook or Apple Calendars and Contacts

Many of us access our email contacts and calendar from multiple devices and want to keep all that data in sync so that we are not having to duplicate all our time and efforts maintaining email on every device.  For

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Passwords and personal technology records

Tech Support is often unproductive until you find necessary personal technology records.   Most of us have too many accounts and passwords to remember.  When things are urgent lost or missing stuff causes frustration and wasted time and money.  Lack of attention, bad communication with

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Simplify with a phablet

Question: Jim:  My XP laptop is  failing and my cell phone is old.  I do not have text yet and use very few minutes.   I liked the size of the 7″ Samsung tablet you showed me.   My son says I

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iTunes errors after update 11.1.4

Updates of iTunes to version 11.1.4 on windows computers  has not gone smoothly and results in several errors.  This issue has shown up on windows XP-Windows 8 computers both 32 bit and 64-bit.  It is my guess that updating to this

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Your Office Suite for 2014

Word processing and similar productivity software has been a staple on computers since the 1980’s.   The core file types created in in Office productivity include Word processing,  spreadsheats, databases, presentation,and email software.  Over the years the popular suite has

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Windows basic vocabulary & XP Tutorial

I know XP is old fashioned but the basics are the basics for any window OS.  When you feel technology illiterate you are simply feeling the pain of not knowing these basic terms and principals of how computer files, folders

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