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tips for working with groups are work, families, sports of volunteer groups


What is Cybersecurity   Cybersecurity:  The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. “Some people have argued that the threat to cybersecurity has been somewhat inflated” Some

Collaborate or sync files with a free personal Dropbox account

If you work with other people or on multiple devices you should have a common space to share files that syncs to multiple device.  This way you always have the current way copy of the files.  Dropbox is also popular because

Shared Google Calendars

Why share calendars? The biggest question for shared calendars is:  Why share a calendar electronically?  Isn’t that just a pain?  Maybe you are used to “keeping it simple” and just send out some emails or a paper calendar. Flawless approach right?  Actually in