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Stopping WannaCrypt

Update 6/27/2017 The  petya ransomware virus form today spreads similarly to the WannaCrypt virus from May 2017.  So if you properly completed all the Microsoft updates since April then you should be good.  Either way this is a timely reminder to

Routine Preventative Maintenance (RPM)

What can you do to limit computer problems in the future?   or What can I do before Tech Support arrives to save time and money? If you login with Administrative powers on your PC then the answer is Routine Preventative

Google My Business

At a recent meeting of 20 small business owners we broke into a spontaneous discussion about business reviews on Google.  I realized that most small business owners do not know how to use free Google Business features and also many have misconceptions


What is Cybersecurity   Cybersecurity:  The state of being protected against the criminal or unauthorized use of electronic data, or the measures taken to achieve this. “Some people have argued that the threat to cybersecurity has been somewhat inflated” Some

GoDaddy Workspace Email (android)

ANDROID: TROUBLESHOOTING EMAIL Use the following information to troubleshoot common issues when setting up Go Daddy Workspace email on an Android device. In the meantime, you can always use our MobileMail ( to keep in contact with customers, friends, and

Backups – Implementing the 3221 strategy in your home or small business

For small businesses, home offices (SOHO) and even families with photos good backups are essential.  Every harddrive including your backup drive will eventually fail.  Add to that fires, natural disasters, theft and viruses.  Everybody that computes has potential loss of

Email Best Practice for Employee Separations: 

Block the employee from accessing company email on the server but allow the supervisor to respond to their emails.  Change their email password on the server. Create an email forward from the old employee account to their supervisor.  Add an

Sync Outlook or Apple Calendars and Contacts

Many of us access our email contacts and calendar from multiple devices and want to keep all that data in sync so that we are not having to duplicate all our time and efforts maintaining email on every device.  For

iTunes errors after update 11.1.4

Updates of iTunes to version 11.1.4 on windows computers  has not gone smoothly and results in several errors.  This issue has shown up on windows XP-Windows 8 computers both 32 bit and 64-bit.  It is my guess that updating to this

Why is your computer slow?

If a windows vista or 7 or Mac OS 10.4 or new computer boots but it is slow it can probably be sped up. Windows XP computers compatible with 2GB ram or more that power on are also possibly worth

Motherboard Replace Capacitors

Mother board failure is generally capacitors. They are cheap and replaceable with good eyes and a $2 budget for capacitors from . For the good eyes I pay Sam to solder mine. A great 2.5 minutes about capacitors: